Why are Millennials So Gosh Darn Nostalgic?: Part I

Can I just say that I miss the 90s and early 00s SO MUCH!? *preach hands emoji* Don’t get me wrong.. I love having social media and a cell phone and internet but I also miss the fact that I had memorized about 10 people’s phone numbers and that I knew that eye contact is, in fact, not awkward.


Millennials are so nostalgic because those were the best times ever. We were kids. We didn’t have bills, relationships, responsibilities. School was not nearly as hard as we thought it was. Life was good, man.

We had no internet or cell phones so we could actually play with things that enlightened the imagination and didn’t give us carpel tunnel.


This is part 1 of I don’ t even know how many. Simply because there are so many freaking awesome things that I miss about those times. So, my didgeridoos, here are 10 amazing things that I miss from my childhood.

Damn, I’m old.


IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE IN THIS FRICKIN’ WORLD I CAN BUY DUNKAROOS PLEASE HIT UP YA GURL. I literally was obsessed with these bad boys. Who wasn’t? If you weren’t, then I don’t trust you. You could never just eat one of these. And if your parents tried to cap you at one, then a damn hissy fit were to ensue (rightfully so).


Beanie Babies

Any one else have that net that would hang from your ceiling in the corner of your room that held all 87 of your Beanie Babies? I wouldn’t even play with those things (except my token favorite, of course). It was simply a contest at school to acknowledge whoever had the most in their collection. Well, and the fact that if you played with it too much, the TY tag would fall off and it wouldn’t be valuable anymore.


Lisa Frank

Is this the sole reason why I love shopping for office supplies? Most definitely. Remember the cute rainbow leopard? UGH. I cannot. If you didn’t have Lisa Frank on the first day of elementary school, who were you? Why did other school supplies makers even try?


Silly Putty

Ok, this one is 2-in-1 because not only was silly putty cool AF but this also made newspaper comics the bomb.com. I got this shit taken away from me at school so often. The people who made silly putty were genius because that shit did NOT last very long so kids made their parents buy SO MANY of them. Good for you, rich silly putty creators. Good for you.



Now that I look back on Furbies.. that shit was creepy AF. Like did you ever get woken up in the middle of the night to that thing looking at you and making noise when it had no damn business making a peep? Just me? Right, of course. What was even more annoying was when they tried to “revamp” the Furby. Like, quit it. Down boy.


Socker Boppers

If you didn’t try to knock out your friend or sibling the eff out with a Socker Bopper, then you weren’t really living. Majority of the time they just deflated, but the effort never died. It made fighting each other socially acceptable. Best thing ever!



Let us bow our heads in remorse for all those Tamagotchis we murdered because of our own selfish lives getting in the way. When my parents made me stop playing with my fake Tamagotchi pet to take care of my real pet.. like who do you think you are? At least all that shaking got us ready for the Shake Weight AMIRTIE!?


Easy Bake Oven

It is just something about the possibility of getting E. coli from very undercooked baked goods that made the Easy Bake Oven so damn addicting. But the fact that I had to wait like 7 millions hours for half-assed cookies made the Easy Bake Oven slowly dwindle to a cardboard box in the basement. #MarthaStewertWouldApprove


The Powerpuff Girls

I will get to other amazing shows from this time in another blog, but HOLY EFF. This show was my JAM, yo. My 2 best friends in grade school and I were absolutely obsessed with this show and we referred to ourselves as The Powerpuff Girls. I was Bubbles. I like to think it was because I had the lightest hair.. but it is probably because I’m a dumbass. To each their own. Also, the OG Powerpuff Girls show is on Hulu. You’re welcome.


The Olsen Twins

I mean.. COME ON! I have a weird fascination with twins and I do believe that the Olsens are partly (mostly) to blame. Full House was just the beginning. I am currently looking at the DVDs of New York Minute and The Challenge contemplating if it is worth getting no sleep over.. the answer is yes. It Takes Two? Passport to Paris? Holiday in the Sun?! ALL THE YES! These movies weren’t just good back then. They’re still fantastic relics to this day. Anyone have copies of these for sale? Asking for a friend..


Can I time travel back and re-live my entire childhood? I wish. But at least chokers and denim skirts have made a comeback. Not much more that I can ask for.. except for the Olsens to make another movie. A girl can dream.

Gel pens & Gameboys,

A Millennial’s Monologue


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  1. Right in my childhood!! I sure do miss Dunkaroos and Tamagotchis… the good news about Lisa Frank is that they still sell it… I’ve seen a bunch of stuff at the Dollar Tree!!

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