How to be Basic: Fall Edition

Nuggets!! (yum, nuggets). I’m good…

like really good

… at being basic. I follow trends & am obsessed with social media, which are like the 2 biggies to being a basic betch. And of course we all know that fall is the quintessential glory time to be basic.


So here I am.. about to give you my five super not-so-secret secrets on how to be your most basic & fabulous self this fall season. And no, it does NOT include drinking pumpkin spice lattes *cue the riots*.

1. Be a “Basic Witch” at Subsecreto

If you have not entered the lair that is Subsecreto in Charlotte yet.. good lort, you are missing out. It is literally like being surrounded by Halloween and American Horror Story all year round.

It doesn’t hurt that their coffee & tea bar is BOMB.

I met a girl friend here for a coffee date and had to call her so she could give me directions for finding this entrance, which further makes the mystery of this shop so enticing.

Upon walking inside, I felt like I had freakin’ entered the realm where Nightmare Before Christmas meets American Horror Story: Coven. I immediately fell in love.

I’m more of a tea person than coffee (I know, sue me), so I ordered the “Basic Witch” drink from the dope ass barista.

Not only did it look cute AF but the taste was literally like Fall and Halloween exploded into a parade of Dia de los Muertos in my mouth. Holy yum. Check out the recipe below.

DEFINITELY go to Subsecreto for your next cup o’ joe and tell Caleb I sent ya!

Also… bet you can’t find where their offices are once you’re in there…

The “Basic Witch”:

  • Rishi Earl Grey Tea & a fall spice blend *salivating* topped with rosebud & lavender sugar *literally foaming at the mouth*

For hours and address, click this link, yo.

2. Get the crap scared outta you at Hickory Grove Haunted Trail

Getting scared during scary movies or haunted houses/trails is my favorite thing to do during the fall season. It’s as fun as watching my dog doing cute things.

BUT I have never, and I mean never, been to a more well thought out and put together haunted trail than Hickory Grove.

I’m not going to spoil the best parts for you.. but there are literally sections where you are just walking through pitch darkness.. and you don’t know who else is with you..

Like, so pitch black that you have a “guide” and have to hold onto a rope so you don’t get lost.

Basically, good luck sleeping after you venture through this attraction.

Best part? It’s only $15!! But hurry, they’re only scaring the living daylights out of you until October 31st!

More information, hours and location are only a chainsaws length away..

Yes, there are chainsaws.

3. Eat delicious (and adorable) Halloween themed cupcakes at SAS Cupcakes

@cltchomp on Instagram

Who doesn’t love a moist (trigger word, sorry) and amazing cupcake every now and then… or every day? I mean come on.. could that cupcake skeleton be any cuter?!

First of all, SAS Cupcakes bakes them FRESH every day.


Secondly (& turdly), they have been ranked #1 cupcakes in all of NC (Scoutology Listing ’15) AND the #1 cupcake place in Charlotte (Foursquare ’16).

Even better.. they make more sweet deliectibles besides cupcakeroonies. They have cake pops (hellllll yeah), cupcake push pops (wut, salivating), and JUMBO cupcakes!!

Oh yeah, did I mention they can ship nationally? So, this isn’t just for you Charlotte silly billies.


However, if you ARE in the CharLIT area, you can enter to win 6 cupcakes for you AND a friend (6 cupcakes each, my dawgs #MathIsHard) that have the adorably spooky Halloween theme.

Just go to @cltchomp on Instagram and check out her post that has this picture on how you & a friend can stuff your face full of ghosts and vampires and skeletons (oh my!):

@cltchomp on Instagram

Also, follow my gurl Chomp on the ‘Gram because she’s nice and gorgeous and literally takes the most delicious food pictures ever. She is your GO-TO for all things foodie in Charlotte. Oh yeah, and she loves dogs so you know you can trust her.

More shop information  here.

Halloween cupcake contest info through door #2.

Clt Chomp’s delectable blog is located here.

4. Get to picking your pumpkin, punkin at Hodges Family Farm

You’re not beautifully basic in the Fall if you don’t go to a pumpkin patch and scour the sea of orange for the most perfect and gigantic pumpkin there is to find.

Now, this isn’t the only pumpkin patch in Charlotte but I would like to agree that it is one of the best. Many pumpkins. Much frolicking.

Pumpkins start at only $5 and go up from there! There is FREE parking, FREE admission, FREE haystack to climb on, FREE self-guided tour of the farm & animals. See a pattern?

The pumpkins are only here until October 31st, so go RIGHT NOW! But don’t fret, little punkin seeds. If you miss the pumpkins, the Christmas trees will be there starting the day after Thanksgiving!!

Hours, location and more information is here, ya filthy animals.

5. Wear all the athleisure from Fityoulous

It is basic betch knowledge that leggings are your best friend in the fall. Like, who doesn’t know this? What is even better is having an entire closet full of athleisure wear that you can tromp around in the ENTIRE season, so you can slay like ‘Yonce.

Now, I just discovered this place and am OBSESSED! I went into their store for the first time last week to shoot for their website and holy moly, batman. Their items are so COMFY!!

Everything is so soft and warm and cute and colorful and amazing.

They just opened shop recently in South End, Charlotte, so go check them out! And don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of the first ever Boutique Crawl on December 2nd! You’ll get 20% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE at all your favorite Charlotte boutiques!

Oh, and don’t worry. The boutiques will have sips & snacks. Yusssss.

Don’t miss your chance to win TWO tickets to the event at Fityoulous’ Instagram page, here.

Pre-sale tickets are available right now so go to this damn link for those.

Check out Fityoulous on Facebook, here. Their website should be up and running soon!!

I thoroughly hope that you have a wonderfully terrifying & basic fall season. There’s literally nothing better.

Ok, maybe pooches.

Boos, booze & basic betches,

A Millennial’s Monologue

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