About Me

Well hello there my sweet apple dumplings. My name is Briana and I am a twenty-something millennial living in the good ol’ Queen City of Charlotte, NC. I grew up in Ohio and got my BBA in Marketing and Management Information Systems at Ohio University (go Bobcats!) in 2014. Now I’m in real estate doing new construction home sales, which has nothing to do with what I went to college for. Isn’t it great being in $20,000 in debt for degrees you’re not even using? #MillennialProbz AMIRITE?!

The blessings, tribulations, growing social acceptances, stereotypes, viral internet trends, technologies, monumental debts, fashion movements, slang, lack of social skills, et cetera of those we call millennials are the reason for this blog. I strive to bring a comedic outlook to all positives & negatives of being a millennial in this wondrous period of my life of being a broke & single twenty-something woman. Join me on my beautiful, but highly uncertain, journey. 

It’s gonna be LIT, bro.